the peplum trend…

{h&m peplum shirt, ny&co skirt, j.c. penny heels, ny&co watch}

…i finished my last semester of college this week which means i’m a free woman (eh at least for the next three months). i’m going on vacation to florida with my family in a week and that is all i can think about for the moment. every thought ends with me calculating the days until i’ll be sitting on the beach 😉 until then i’ll be sorting out clothes that i can wear in the warmer weather!


6 thoughts on “the peplum trend…

  1. This top is so cute! I’ve been loving the peplum trend in magazines but wasn’t sure if it would translate to real life style. But your outfit looks so adorably chic that now I want to go out and buy a peplum shirt for myself!

  2. I loved how you worked this trend – in style and still unique. Congratulations on finishing college. Have a great vacation!

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