back to denim…

{h&m shirt, francesca’s collection skirt, banana republic belt, zara heels, michael kors watch}

…you know that one pair of shoes that you continue to wear almost daily even though you have tons of other shoes…that’s me and these zara heels. i’m sorry i’m posting them again so soon, i may have a slight obsession 😉 …my dad has been wearing denim shirts forever so when he found out i bought one he was beaming with pride (quite literally). every time he sees me wear the shirt he gives me a thumbs up followed up by the that’s-my-girl look. he’s a simple guy, his wardrobe consists of denim, camouflage, plaid and the occasional bright orange reflective shirts. he’s happy to see his little girl finally catching on….


17 thoughts on “back to denim…

  1. hiya im becks from
    I love this look it’s quite dressed down and dressed up at the same time. So good!

  2. Just found your blog and had to follow! Love your fashion choices!

    Also are you Apostolic Pentecostal? I am and I noticed that you wear a lot of skirts, and you have long hair, but I could be wrong. lol

    p.s. love your name! its so unique! 😀

    ~Lady Katsa~

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